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From 8th May to the 11th May, year 6 children completed their SATs tests. They have worked incredibly hard all year in preparation and should be proud of themselves. Mr Frankly said in celebration assembly that he was very proud and that if we see a year 6 around school we should give them a pat on the back! He said they were very mature and sensible and no matter what happens, they should be pleased with themselves.

Well done year 6. Keep on working hard and in 6 weeks times we hope you will find out that you got good results!

Are you in year 6? How did you find the SATs? Are you in year 5? How do you feel about SATs next year?

Leave a comment below!

Bonnie-Anne, Hannah and Miss Leeks

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Viking Visitors

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On Tuesday 2nd May, a visitor called May, from Chertsey Museum, came to our school. She visited Year 5 to teach us about the Vikings.

She showed lots of artefacts from those times. One of these was a Viking sword which was extremely heavy. You would have had to be very strong to use it! There was also a shield, a helmet and chain mail which John-Henry got to try on (it was made of over 25,000 metal rings). Most people think that Vikings wore helmets with horns on but really they couldn’t because it would have got in their way when in battle.

Reesy was dressed up as a Viking man and Bonnie-Anne (me!), dressed as a Viking lady. Amelie dressed up as a monk (even though there were not women monks at that time).

We got to play a game called Knuckle Bones which would have been popular back then. These were made out of the bones in animals feet (although the ones we had were pretend). You had to put them in your cupped hands, flick them up (not too high) and catch them on the backs of your hands. It was fun and Miss Leeks was really good at it!

Chertsey Museum have been in to visit other year groups and have lots to see at the museum as well if you want to visit.

Have you ever played with knuckle bones? Would you like to be a viking? Have you had Chertsey Museum visit your class?

Don’t forget to comment below!

Bonnie-Anne, Nycia and Miss Leeks

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Hi I am Hannah and is with Amelie and Nycia and we are talking about alive and kicking. Alive’n’Kicking is a thing that gets people fit and working and every Friday year 5 do a physical activity alternated with a food and diet session. In our physical activity session, we do exercises in games, with partner or on our own in the hall.

In the diet session, we learn about the eat-well guide and we do many activities to learn about it and it is extremely enjoyable. First we learnt about our fruits and vegetables, then the starchy and carbohydrates and so on going through the segment sizes!

In alive and kicking we do lots of exercises and games like this game named pizza, bulldog, cigarettes , and there is a game where we have to go around the hall 10 times and do exercises when we get to a round. In that game, we do 10 of an exercise then we run to the other side, do 9 of an exercise then run. Then 8. Then run. Then 7 and so on!

How do you stay healthy?

Comment down below and don’t forget our monthly competition!

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Easter Service

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Hello everyone!

We were very proud of year 4 as they led the church service for Easter at church today. The readings were presented clearly and the singing was lovely. Years 4, 5 and 6 did well despite a few problems with the music. Thanks so much to Jane who took time to get this together for us at the last moment after a change of plans!

The blogging team would like to wish you all a Happy Easter. We hope you enjoy lots of lovely Easter eggs, spending time with your friends and family and relaxing.

Try to make a some time to reading, learning spellings and those all important times tables!

Have a lovely 2 weeks and we will see you back at school for the start of the summer term!

If you would like to comment and join in the the blog competition, why not tell us your favourite Easter egg in the comments section below!

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Red Nose Day

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On Friday 24th march Stanwell fields had a red nose day to raise money for children in Africa.

FOSF ( Friends of Stanwell Fields) sold red noses at the front gate and a minion come in! Nearly every child dressed in red! We all had to pay a pound for the children in Africa and we raised £861.37!

Did you dress up in red? Did you do anything else for red nose day? Don’t forget to comment below!

I’m Bonnie-Anne. Thank for stopping by today!

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Library Opening

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Library grand opening

Hi I am Hannah and on March the 9th our library had a grand opening and all the ambassadors of the junior classes came with some of the Friends of Stanwell Fields. Father Stuart of St. Mary’s church cut the ribbon and then all of us poured in. The photographer took pictures of us reading our favourite book in the library and we all sat on the comfy seats. The library is mostly blue and green with many trees in the corners. The front of the library also has a tree saying ‘Our library!’ so you are welcome to borrow books and even to sit in side. But ssh, it’s a library! Enjoy the pictures below!

What is your favourite book series?

Who is your favourite author?

Do you like libraries? What do you think of ours?

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Blog Reading Competition!

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Hello Everyone! It’s Bonnie Ann, Hannah and Miss Leeks here today to remind you about our blog reading competition!

  • Your challenge is to go back and read lots of our old blog posts!
  • Comment on at least 5 – we always leave a question or two asking for your thoughts! Have  your say!
  • If you do this, your name will be placed into a hat.
  • The name pulled out of the hat will receive a prize!
  • We will be running this competition each month so keep on visiting, reading our blog posts and commenting!

We look forward to announcing the first winner very soon on Wednesday March 29th.

Get commenting!


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World Book Day

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On the 3rd of March, Stanwell Fields had a World Book Day  to celebrate authors, illustrators, books and it’s a celebration of reading.

The teachers all dressed up! In Hawks class we made book character potato people and that was really fun (see pictures below!). Then we did a scavenger hunt to find books! I dressed up as Dorothy! We had a parade in the afternoon and in our class Amelie and Georgie were the runners up! Amelie was dressed as Aslan from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Georgie was dressed up as an Oompa Loompa!

What did you dress up as? What activities did you do?

Which potato people can you recognise in the pictures below and which is your favourite?

Comment below!

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Young Voices

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On Tuesday the 7th of February a fifteen children went to London in the O2 for Young voices. We sung a mixture of songs like five guys named, Moe birdhouse in your soul, sing, you’re the voice. We also met some singers like Charlotte Heppter and some beatboxers called the Beatbox collectors and some really god dancers called Striders.

We all enjoyed it very much and we travelled in our own Stanwell field’s mini bus. We went at around 12:00 and came back at around 10 or 11:00 – we came back safe and sound with a lot of excitement. We really enjoyed it.

Maybe you could be part of Young voices 2017!

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Hello, it’s Bonnie-Ann and I’m going to be telling you about the book fair!

On Monday 23rd January, Miss Saunders organised a book fair In the infant hall and to promote reading!

Stanwell fields had a book fair from Monday 23rd January until Friday 27th January. The book fair was selling all different types of books e.g. Diary of The Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates, David Walliams and lots more! £518 was spent at the fair!

What books did you buy if you went? What’s your favourite book and who is it by?

Don’t forget to comment down below!

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