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Library grand opening

Hi I am Hannah and on March the 9th our library had a grand opening and all the ambassadors of the junior classes came with some of the Friends of Stanwell Fields. Father Stuart of St. Mary’s church cut the ribbon and then all of us poured in. The photographer took pictures of us reading our favourite book in the library and we all sat on the comfy seats. The library is mostly blue and green with many trees in the corners. The front of the library also has a tree saying ‘Our library!’ so you are welcome to borrow books and even to sit in side. But ssh, it’s a library! Enjoy the pictures below!

What is your favourite book series?

Who is your favourite author?

Do you like libraries? What do you think of ours?

4 Responses to “Library Opening”

  1. My favorite book series is:
    Famous five
    Secret seven
    Dork dairies
    My favorite author is Enid Blyton. Also i do like libraries.

  2. My favourite book is Tom Gates and i like libaries because they have all types of books.

  3. My favorite book series has got to be Harry potter he has wrote some really good and interesting books like Harry potter and the chamber and secrets they are really nice to read. My favorite author is JK Rowling she has written lot`s of really good books for example Casual Vacancy and the whole series of Harry potter books. I absolutely love libraries because they have all books i can imagine i like the look of the new library because it has more space to sit around and read lovely new books so i will say a massive thank you to the stanwell fields helpers i will respect our new library

  4. The FOSF have worked really hard to get the library up and running for the school so a big thank you to them!
    It’s so bright and full of lovely new books – I’ve borrowed How to train Your Dragon for my Easter read!

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