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Hi I am Hannah and is with Amelie and Nycia and we are talking about alive and kicking. Alive’n’Kicking is a thing that gets people fit and working and every Friday year 5 do a physical activity alternated with a food and diet session. In our physical activity session, we do exercises in games, with partner or on our own in the hall.

In the diet session, we learn about the eat-well guide and we do many activities to learn about it and it is extremely enjoyable. First we learnt about our fruits and vegetables, then the starchy and carbohydrates and so on going through the segment sizes!

In alive and kicking we do lots of exercises and games like this game named pizza, bulldog, cigarettes , and there is a game where we have to go around the hall 10 times and do exercises when we get to a round. In that game, we do 10 of an exercise then we run to the other side, do 9 of an exercise then run. Then 8. Then run. Then 7 and so on!

How do you stay healthy?

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