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On Tuesday 2nd May, a visitor called May, from Chertsey Museum, came to our school. She visited Year 5 to teach us about the Vikings.

She showed lots of artefacts from those times. One of these was a Viking sword which was extremely heavy. You would have had to be very strong to use it! There was also a shield, a helmet and chain mail which John-Henry got to try on (it was made of over 25,000 metal rings). Most people think that Vikings wore helmets with horns on but really they couldn’t because it would have got in their way when in battle.

Reesy was dressed up as a Viking man and Bonnie-Anne (me!), dressed as a Viking lady. Amelie dressed up as a monk (even though there were not women monks at that time).

We got to play a game called Knuckle Bones which would have been popular back then. These were made out of the bones in animals feet (although the ones we had were pretend). You had to put them in your cupped hands, flick them up (not too high) and catch them on the backs of your hands. It was fun and Miss Leeks was really good at it!

Chertsey Museum have been in to visit other year groups and have lots to see at the museum as well if you want to visit.

Have you ever played with knuckle bones? Would you like to be a viking? Have you had Chertsey Museum visit your class?

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Bonnie-Anne, Nycia and Miss Leeks

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