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The new year sixes had a coding afternoon with Heathrow Airport on  Tuesday 12th September at Stanwell Fields School to learn about coding!

With Heathrow, the new year sixes worked on the laptops in groups to complete a coding challenge!We found out about different products that go on Heathrow’s Airplanes (which are called cargo). In the coding session, we had to program cargo trucks to load the cargo onto the planes, come back and we even had to program them to chat! The winners, who did that, were Reesy, John-Henry and James. At the same time as coding, we had to do a bit of multi-tasking because we had to solve maths problems.


We had a great time  – thank you Heathrow Coding!

Have you had any visitors in school so far this year? Leave a comment to tell us about them below!

Bonnie and Hannah

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