Our Blogging Rules

Stanwell Fields is really excited to have a blog and the opportunity to share our thoughts, news and work. It is very important that we keep the blog safe and secure place.

The following rules have been put together by the Stanwell Fields News Team to make sure everyone stays safe online. Visitors and contributors to our blog are asked to follow these rules at all times:

  1. Only use your first name – no surnames (email addresses are not  required when leaving a comment)
  2. Keep Safe – Do not share any personal information including email addresses, phone numbers or house addresses
  3. Be polite – people have taken time to write their blog posts, so make sure you are positive with your comments (all posts and comments will be checked before being published)
  4. Always show respect – It is OK to disagree, but it is not OK to be rude about it or unkind
  5. Write in good English – try to show off your best work and writing when you contribute to the blog or write any comments. Please write in full sentences with no text speak!
  6. If you see anything that shouldn’t be on your screen – tell an adult straight away. Check out the E-Safety Links below so you know how to keep yourself safe online
  7. Enjoy contributing to and reading the Stanwell Fields Blog!

What do you think about these rules? Let a member of the news team know if you think there is anything we need to add!

The News Team


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