Young Voices

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On Tuesday the 7th of February a fifteen children went to London in the O2 for Young voices. We sung a mixture of songs like five guys named, Moe birdhouse in your soul, sing, you’re the voice. We also met some singers like Charlotte Heppter and some beatboxers called the Beatbox collectors and some really god dancers called Striders.

We all enjoyed it very much and we travelled in our own Stanwell field’s mini bus. We went at around 12:00 and came back at around 10 or 11:00 – we came back safe and sound with a lot of excitement. We really enjoyed it.

Maybe you could be part of Young voices 2017!

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Hello, it’s Bonnie-Ann and I’m going to be telling you about the book fair!

On Monday 23rd January, Miss Saunders organised a book fair In the infant hall and to promote reading!

Stanwell fields had a book fair from Monday 23rd January until Friday 27th January. The book fair was selling all different types of books e.g. Diary of The Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates, David Walliams and lots more! £518 was spent at the fair!

What books did you buy if you went? What’s your favourite book and who is it by?

Don’t forget to comment down below!

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Stanwell Fields New Pond

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I am Hannah and I am yet again joined by Brooke and Harley.

Stanwell Fields School launched a new pond area on the 8th of December 2016 next to the nursery to abolish the brambles! All those who helped in a way were there (the builders, designers, office, Friends of Stanwell Fields group children and teachers) and the area was covered in ribbons.

Councillor Evans cut the ribbon and we had a picture by the pond. It is a wildlife area so we will grow flowers and tell stories on the extremely bouncy astroturf. The ambassadors of year 5 and 1, Hannah from the blog and many others were the first on. The press were there taking many pictures!

There were a lot of green and white balloons and there are plenty of plant slots where we hope to see flowers grow in the spring!. The new pond is right next to the nursery window so lots of children looked out of the window to watch!

Comment below once you have visited the area and tell us what you think!

Thanks for stopping by today!


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Fantastic Futsul!

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On Wednesday the 30 of November, Futsul came to visit us at Stanwell fields to teach us sporty skills!

Kieran the coach came to our school! He taught skills from year one to year six. Year five went in the hall at 2:40pm. We paired up and he explained: “Number yourself into one and two.” I numbered myself one and my partner two. I went in number one line and my partner went into the number two line. Where we thought we were going to be playing together, we were actually on opposite teams!

He numbered us to one to ten (I was number six). Kieran called out all the numbers at different times after each match. We all wanted to play big match with all of us but…we couldn’t!

I thought futsul was very fun to play and I enjoyed it!


Some famous footballs in Brazil such as Messi and Ronaldo played futsul before playing football!

What did you think of Futsul? Leave a comment below!

By Bonnie-Ann


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Year 5 Wow day

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Hi, I am Hannah and today I am joined by Brooke and Harley. Today we will tell you about the year 5 wow day, which was on Friday 25th November 2016.

The day was about where our things came from. Hawks and Falcons class split into groups and each group was given a country to find out about. We were aiming to make a living museum (which we were a part of.) After we finished our minor project, we were going to present it to year 6, year 4 and parents!

We were allowed on laptops to research about our given country (and we got Bangladesh!) we built a model of a rice farm and made a huge poster and in the rice farm was the delicate, wooden farmer Bob. We were visited by many people and they earned our replicated Bangladeshi pots! We also earned a lot of money as well!


It was a great day to celebrate our learning in Geography!

What wow days have you had recently? Leave a comment below!

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Online Safety

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Bonnie was keen to share some tips on using the computers safely at school. Here they are:

How to stay safe online at school!

Always ask a teacher to go on the internet/google!

Don’t go on any social media at any times.

Don’t tell stranger where you live, phone number or email.

If you’re unhappy about anything tell a teacher.

If anything pops up on google or any website ask a teacher to say yes, no or press a cross.

Only ask a teacher to turn your webcam on.

Keep any of your passwords to yourself!

Remember to stay safe online at home too!

If you have any other tips for online safety, leave them below!


Click on the picture to go to the BBC website and learn more about staying safe online!

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Tips to keep safe on bonfire night!

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As Bonfire night is coming up, we thought we would share some tips with you all on how to stay safe with sparklers! These are lots of fun but can be dangerous if not used safely.

These tips are from the Newsround Website:

1. Never put them in your pockets.

2. Never pick one up of the floor.

3. Make sure an adult is present.

3. Light them one at a time.

4. Wear gloves.

5. Hold them at arm’s length.

6. When it goes out put the hot end in a bucket of cold water.

Stay safe and halve fun everyone!

By Amelie and Nycia


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Poetry Competition

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Poetry Competition!

This month, the House Captains are hosting a poetry competition for year groups 1 to 6. You can write any type of poem, for example: acrostic, rhyming, non-rhyming or any other style that you know. The poems can be about fireworks or autumn. There will be a winner from each year group, and the winner will receive a mystery prize, plus 10 tokens! Anyone who enters will also receive 5 tokens. Here are some important rules:

* You cannot write about Halloween because that is a pagan festival, and this is a Christian school.

* If you do a poem, it has to be in by the 11th November 2016, and winners will be announced on the 18th November 2016.

* If you do decide to enter, then you will first have to choose what style of poem you want to do. For example: acrostic, rhyming, non-rhyming or simply any other style you know or want to do.

* Give your poems to either a house captain or your teacher, and your teacher will give it to a year six teacher.

* Poems will be judged on the 11th November, 2016.

* You will have to include your name, class and your house group.

* House captains will not only judge on the poem, but on the idea, presentation and handwriting as well.

* Posters have been put around the school, and letters have been handed out in case you feel like participating.

Good luck to all who decide to join, and also……have fun!

Are you going to participate? Give your answer in the comments below, and don’t forget to comment about what you think the poetry competition is going to be like!!!


Ravelle  S.t Francis House Captain

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Year 3 Egyptian Wow Day

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Every year group at Stanwell Fields always does a wow day based on their topic! So year 3 were learning about Egyptians and they did their wow day on the 22nd of September.

We interviewed some yr3 students and a teacher and we are going to tell you what they said down below!

In year 3 Leopards we interviewed Eleanor. We asked her what did you do? “We did Egyptian colouring and watched a film called the Princess of Egypt!” Eleanor said that she loved her Egyptian wow day!

We next interviewed another year 3 Leopard called Luke. He said he learnt about mummies. He learnt as well that they wrap mummies up in bandages. His table played a mummy game! He said the Egyptian wow day was fun!

Then we interviewed Miss Kleiner in year 3 Pumas. She said that they made headdresses and they wrote their names in Egyptian writing. They went on laptops and researched about mummies.

Finally we interviewed Annie in year 3 Jaguars. She said she enjoyed the colouring and coloured in a snake. She dressed up as a normal lady Egyptian. She liked all the activities.

Thank you for reading. If you have had a wow day, why don’t you comment below and tell us what you thought of it?

BDSC00086 DSC00087 DSC00088 Amelie and Bonnie-Ann

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Hello, I’m Bonnie Ann and I have some facts about Tudors written in an acrostic style!

Tudor times. Tudor times was when Henry the 8th was alive with his six wife’s but two of them did not live long because they did not give Henry a son so he decided to cut their heads off!

Underage. One of Henry’s wife’s had a boy called Edward and he was only 10 when he became king. He died at fifteen. So his sister Mary became queen but when she died their other sister Elizabeth was queen.

Devil/died. King Henry was horrid but nice he had six wife’s and only one survived but the rest died he had 3 children and that was three daughters and one son they were called Mary, Elizabeth and Edward.

Over all he loved his children very much but the one that survived was a bit ugly! All his children did not have mum’s they had there dad because Henry killed some and one died by herself.

Royal. He married all his wife’s but set a law where he could get divorced so he divorced all his wife’s! But they lost their throne because when Elizabeth died she had no children to have the throne.

Six wives. I will tell you the order: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. That was the order of the six wives that did and did not live. Some of them were married for only 3 months.

These are some facts I have learnt. What do you know about the Tudors?

What topic are you learning about? Comment below!

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